Methods to generate Unique porting code for all Networks (UPC codes)

Hey guys! We are back with new post where you will learn methods to generate Unique porting code (UPC codes) For all operators. Unique porting codes are necessary to port out your number from one operator to Another.

As we know due to some issues operators like reliance, Aircel are, closed in some regions. So many users are thinking to port out their number to another network. Now you can get your unique porting code online too, lets see methods to get UPC.

methods to generate Unique porting code-:

This method is working for all operators, Here in this method you need to send one message to one specific number from a number which you want to port.


    • First of all create message
    • Now write given message PORT <Mobile number> (Eg-: PORT <8108xxxxxx>)
  • Now send it to 1900
  • Done! within Some minutes you will receive one message with unique porting code.

Method to get UPC for reliance network-:

  • First of all Visit Here
  • Click on UPC code for MNP

methods to generate Unique porting code

  • Now one banner will be open where you need to enter details like mobile number, sim number and alternate mobile number to receive UPC.

methods to generate Unique porting code

  • Done! within some time you will get your UPC on alternate mobile number.

Method to get UPC for Aircel number-:

As Aircel network is gone some states, so you cant send message manually without network courage area. But still you can get your UPC code just by following simple method


  • First of Visit Aircel UPC generating page (Sometimes servers are getting down so keep refreshing)

methods to generate Unique porting code

  • Now Enter customer mobile number and last 5 digits of Sim number
  • Read following process to Get your sim number
  • Now click on generate UPC
  • Done! you will get Unique porting code for entered Aircel number.

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How to Get sim Number-:

Follow these simple steps to get your sim card number which you need to enter to get your UPC.

  • First of all Download following app from play store


  • Install and open Sim card app

  • Note down Sim card number from app ( You can read sim data without courage network using this app)
  • Done! or Else you can check sim card number manually too, As sim number is written on back side of sim card.

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