Must have gadgets to power your startups.

In a world where every day hundreds of start-ups are rising in the market, we have made a list of gadgets that entrepreneurs will need to make their companies grow faster, improving their way of working and make employees more productive.

Gadgets to power your startups-:

1.Wireless Presenter:

It is one of the things that any field of startup will need in demonstrating their strategy, presenting their ideas or showing their products to their teams or any other company. Instead of using a laptop to display it and bulky keys to navigate you can use a wireless presenter that will make your presentation impressive and let you communicate your ideas better with other people and it also has a portable clicker to switch slides during the presentation.


Most of the people do their work on PC or Laptop but having a tablet especially iPad that is small, portable and has the same processing power as a computer is great to do collaborative note taking and storing Gigabytes of data. Window comes with powerful software. You can use advanced softwares to instruct your 3doodler machine to do all the 3d designing task. You can take it anywhere; work in any space because of its size. Spending money on Tablets will not only make you productive but also improve the quality of your work through its fine features.

3.Cloud Computing Database

Companies that need to share files and data consistently require service software that can transfer data easily. For this Cloud Computing might be the key to making their work effective. Services like DropBox and Wufoo store files on cloud server by collecting data from different platforms, eliminating the duplicate data and these databases are actually free online. It helps in easily moving information back and forth from one employer to another. It also decreases data loss by securing the files on its server more than that it is fast and simple to use. It improves the productivity of employees by saving their time that is usually consumed in transferring data.

4.Battery Packs

Smartphones are used by everyone in the world today but most of them don’t have long lasting battery life. Battery Packs, Power banks or Power stations help to recharge your battery without the need of electricity. If you buy a portable battery for your Smartphone, one charge gives enough power to use your phone for the entire day. It is a life-saving gadget that assists you to continue working without worrying about battery life.

5.High Capacity USB Flash Drive


1TB Flash Drive
Cloud Storage is one of the things that works for keeping a backup of important files but having a USB flash drive that has high capacity will let you quickly transfer files whenever you are required to present to your partner or your employer. However, storing your important files in flash drives will facilitate easy back up of your data and they also come with strings or lanyard that you can attach to the keys or your bag so that you won’t forget it or misplace it.

6.Display Adapter

For those who have to present their ideas and strategy outside their office then having a set of display adapter is a great way to display any presentation at a place where you don’t have any wireless presenter. All you have to do is to connect display adapter to your laptop and projector and it will let you show your product leaving a great impression of your working capabilities.

7.High Speed & Multi-Port USB Charger

Everybody needs a USB charger now and then but having a multi port charger in your bag allows you to charge multiple devices at once. Spending money on USB charger will be worthwhile especially in the case of the emergency when you are asked to show presentation without prior notice or when you are working on something important and your laptop or Tablet battery dies.

8.Noise canceling Headphones


Bose Headphones

It is one of the gadgets that let you work without distraction. If you work in some coffee house or crowded place buying a noise canceling headphones will keep you focused in your work and increase work productivity immensely.


Most laptops come with built-in webcams but having an external webcam that is portable will assist in shooting videos anywhere with improved video quality. It will beneficial for employees who give the presentation on Skype or do conference meeting from anywhere in the world. It will make you look presentable and you can move it around rather than the whole laptop to show products and discuss ideas.

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There are apps available in the market for making notes or writing central point’s so, you won’t forget them later but in the case of low battery, most of them leave you. However, having a low-cost notepad or diary to note key points during the presentation or a meeting will help discuss them later and turning your way of working as efficient and effective.
Thus, these above-mentioned gadgets will surely save you time and augment productivity in powering your startup and facilitating in the development of your start-up!

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