How to unblock amazon account (proof added)

hey, guys!we are back with the new trick to unblock Amazon account.Here you need to follow some simple steps to unlock Amazon account, by using this trick you will 90% of chances to unblock Amazon account which had been suspended or blocked by some reasons. So, guys, let’s see how to unlock Amazon account.

You can login into amazon app using your blocked amazon account

How to unblock Amazon accounts:-

  • First of all Download Amazon app from here
  • Now login to your Amazon account
  • After successful login go to customer service=contact us=email customer service=something else=my account=other account issues.
  • done! here is the main trick just you need to just request them to unblock Amazon account.
  • check the following message and type it in your own words or and sent it to Amazon from Amazon app.

  • Now wait for 4 to 5 days, Amazon will review your account.
  • After review Amazon will unlock your account

By using this trick there are 90% of chances to unlock your amazon account



In trick you just need to send them request email with some effective words, you can directly copy my words or just type it in your own words, after 3-4 days Amazon will unlock Amazon account if possible.

Thank you 😀

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