My Android Taste test – Customize your Android

Hey guys, today am going to tell you about a new initiative by Google® called My Android Taste. Now you can customize your Android by your taste. 

The ability to make Android devices truly yours has been one of the operating system’s biggest selling points since its rise. There is no Android without customization, but sometimes we do a pretty bad job as designers. Thankfully, Google has created a little tool that will make your Android device look great without dismissing your own aesthetic preferences.

The #myAndroid Taste Test asks you a series of questions on what you prefer. Colors, shapes and patterns are a few of the visual concepts this tests involves

Just select your choices & Google will tell you how you can make it configure according to your style


How to get customized phone with My Android Taste ??? 

  • First of all Visit Here
  • Click on Find Your Match. 
  • Simply select your choices. 
  • On final page you will get suggestions from Google for your Android customization. 
  • Just download required things & you’re now ready to rock ?


Thanks for reading 🙂

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